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Yerba Mate Spring Bombilla

Yerba Mate Spring Bombilla
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SKU: etbombillaspring
Size: 1 unit
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Handcrafted with Stainless Steel!

Durable, Easy to Clean, and Clog Free!

Country of Origin: Argentina

Yerba Mate Spring Bombilla:

The Yerba Mate Spring Bombilla may be the best bombilla since it has an innovative spring-loaded double filter at the tip for easy cleaning and clog-free use. It is very durable, and handcrafted with stainless steel by a family of Italian artisans in Buenos Aires. It comes in a package with instructions for care and use.

The traditional method for sharing yerba mate' with a group of friends and family is to place a bombilla in a gourd, add some yerba mate', wet the yerba mate' with cool water, then fill with hot water. Pass around the gourd to the group. The bombilla acts as a filter so pieces of the yerba mate' don't get into your mouth.

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