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Organic Peruvian SUN DRIED UNSALTED Black Olives (10.5 oz)

Organic Peruvian Sundried Unsalted Black Olives
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SKU: elsununsaltja
Size: 10.5 oz.
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100% Organic, Raw, and Vegan




Ultimate Savory Snack!!!

Certified Vegan

Certified Kosher

Gluten Free, Non GMO, & Low Glycemic!

Product of Peru

Ingredients: Organic, raw, uncured, sun dried black olives.

Packed in a glass jar. Contains pits.

Note: This is not a sodium free food. There is a small amount of naturally occurring sodium in these olives.


Organic Raw Peruvian SUN DRIED UNSALTED Black Botija Olives (Net dry weight: 10.5 oz./298 g):
Truly the only olive of its kind! Organic Raw Peruvian Sundried Unsalted Black Botija Olives have NOT been cured with salt water brine like most olives, but have been simply tree ripened, harvested, and sundried to perfection. However, there is a small amount of naturally occurring sodium in these olives. A wonderfully rich, hearty snack with all the bold natural flavors of the olive preserved.

Plump and robust with a complex, intense flavor, they have great eye appeal in healthy salad bars, make a great addition to any Mediterranean dish, from pasta sauces to Spanish or Greek cuisine, and even make a great snack food.

These olives are grown organically, sustainably, and ecologically to turn a salty desert into a sustainable oasis of biodiversity in Peru!  The stretch of Peruvian coastal desert where these olives are grown has never been exposed to chemical pesticides or fertilizers—instead they use innovative agricultural practices to keep the soil rich and make their olive products simply delicious!

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