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Ojio Organic Raw Clear Agave Nectar (2 x 1 Gal)

Ojio Organic Raw Clear Agave Nectar (2 x 1 Gal)
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SKU: usagavenect2x1g
Size: 2 x 1 gal./3.8 L
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Order Two 1 Gal. and Save!!!

100% Organic, Raw, and Vegan

The Only Truly Raw, Totally Clear Agave Nectar on the Market!!!

Natural low glycemic sweetener!

Chefs and connoisseurs are heralding its exquisite flavor and texture!

100% Organic Blue Agave Tequilana Weber variety only!

Highest concentrations of minerals!

High content of Inulin!

Great to use in teas, smoothies, with cereals, for dips, spreads, and any dessert!

No additives! No coloring! No preservatives!

BPA Free Container!

Product of Mexico 

100% Organic and Raw Ingredients:
100% Organic Raw Clear Blue Agave Nectar (Tequilana Weber variety)

The natural color of pure Raw Blue Agave Nectar is clear. Our Real Raw Blue Agave Nectar is 100% clear, pure, and organic. No additives, No coloring, and No preservatives!

Ojio Organic Raw Clear Agave Nectar (Size: 2 x 1 gal./3.8 L):

Ojio Organic Raw Clear Agave Nectar is made exclusively from Taquilana Weber Blue Agave plants grown on the sloping fields surrounding Tequila, Mexico. The naturally low-glycemic nectar of this plant contains the purest concentration of Inulin as well as Saponins.


  •     Variety of Uses: In teas and coffees instead of sugar, in smoothies, in recipes for baked goods, or over hot cereals and sweet desserts.
  •     Naturally low glycemic with no additives.
  •     Lowest sugar content per serving on the market.
  •     High Inulin content: Naturally occurring oligosaccharides, or short chains of fructose molecules with unusual nutritional characteristics.
  •     Made exclusively from the Tequilana Weber variety of Blue Agave plant.

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