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Lulu's Organic Raw Midnight Velvet Chocolate Bar (1 oz)

Lulu's Organic Raw Midnight Velvet Chocolate Bar (1 oz)
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SKU: lcmidvelvet
Size: 1 bar (1 oz.28 g)
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100% Organic, Raw, and Vegan

100% Dairy Free, Gluten Free!

Treat Yourself, Your Friends, and Family to This Delectable Raw Chocolate Bar!

Made in USA

Raw, Fair Trade Ingredients:
(*=certified organic) Ecuadorian Cacao*, Coconut Palm Sugar*, Vanilla Bean*, Sea Salt & LOVE

Lulu's Organic Raw Midnight Velvet Chocolate Bar (Net wt.: 1 oz./28 g):

Midnight Velvet Bar is a dark chocolate bar! Unleash the darkness! 88% cacao.

For the true chocolate connoisseur who enjoys the real hearty flavor of dark chocolate! And, organic raw yum with low-glycemic coconut sugar. Experience the uplifting yet grounding energy of delicious raw cacao! This deliciously dark, biodynamic, heirloom cacao is seductively smooth as it melts on your tongue like velvet. Pure Ecuadorian magic.

Lulu's Organic Raw Midnight Velvet Chocolate Bar is pure bliss when you bite into this handcrafted, 100% raw treat. Created with the utmost care, this unrivaled chocolate is made with pure vegan, fair traded, ethical, organic ingredients to maximize health benefits and flavor at the same time. The mix of textures gives you a delicious raw chocolate flavor.

Pure, raw cacao is one of the greatest sources of nutrients, ranging from magnesium and iron to antioxidants and omega 6 fatty acids. When consumed, the potent health giving properties can provide a better overall sense of well being.

Nutrition Facts:
Serving size: 1/2 oz, Servings per bar: 2, calories 94, fat 7.5g, sat. fat 4g, sodium 15mg, carb 4g, fiber 2g, sugar 1.2g, protein 2g, iron 1.5mg

This chocolate may melt at temperatures above 85 F. We are not responsible for melted chocolate during shipping. The chocolate will still be good to eat. We recommend that you include a cold pack to keep them cooler during shipment. Click here to add a cold pack to your order.

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